Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sri Lanka Guardian: The Buddha was against animal sacrifice

Sri Lanka Guardian: The Buddha was against animal sacrifice

Tamil people who lived for more than 2,500 years in the northern and eastern parts of Sri Lanka are living in eternal fear to express their feelings. They do not have even fundamental rights. Let the world to investigate the international genocide in Sri Lanka

The Singhalese Buddhist claims that they are pure Buddhist. When the teaching of the Buddha and the practice of the Singhalese are discordant, how can they be as Buddhist?

The teaching of the Buddha was more egalitarian. Then how the justice can be different to two sets of people? How the violation of doctrine of Buddha, can be Buddhist?

Police have powers to record statements, investigate and prosecute offenders. The concentrations of powers allowed the police to increase in torture, disappearances and deaths. The police and army coming to house, raping with no fear of punishment and rub chilly powder into sensitive parts of body. Women and children were forcibly dragged from their home raped in public while the police officers were watching. Schoolgirls stopped on their way to school, returning from school (even 6 years old) gang raped by one after another then and killed them.

Singhalese Buddhists have the habit of collect Tamils one place and bomb and kill them. They forced the civilians to come to “No fire zone". Everyday hundreds of people taken out of the camps and killed and then deny no such things had happened. They separated the children from the parents, husband from wife. Many of the Tamils do not know whether their family members are alive or dead. No one knows how many detainees are still alive

Used the Banned Weapons including Cluster Bombs, White Phosphorous Chemical massive heavy weapons. Uses Food and Medicine as weapons of war, use the harvest season to disrupt Tamil rice cultivation and burns crops to food shortages

Homes were demolished; made hundreds of thousand of Tamils homeless and destitute, not letting thousands of children go to school, memorials and cemeteries were destructed.

Churches and Hindu Temples were damaged and attacked by Sinhala Buddhist monk. There are ancient Tamil Buddhist texts, but the Sinhalese people never allowed read over a loudspeaker

Journalists criticizing have been tortured and disappeared.

No government have the license to kill its own citizens’ en-mass under any circumstances

Stop using the name “Buddha” for all your unwholesome deeds. Stop Genocide

“Though much he recites the Sacred Texts, but acts not accordingly, that heedless man is like a cowherd who counts others' kine. He has no share in the fruits of the Holy life”The Dhammapada Yammakavagga – The Pairs -19

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